Why Join the Rotary Club of Portsmouth?

ImageI know. You are already a very busy person. Busy with family. Busy with your business, busy with church activities, Busy in politics. You care about your community but there seems to be little time for personal initiative. In short you are just like those who have already joined the Rotary Club of Portsmouth. 

MImageembers, who own businesses, have found a great place to network with others, share ideas, make valuable contacts, and make a positive impression in the community.
Members, who are active in their church, have found like minded positive people engaged in improving living conditions and services,  working with those who are unaffiliated or from another denominations fostering a ecumenical atmosphere.
Members have found a wider family to share their hopes, concerns, aspirations as well as good fellowship and fun.

ImageIt is a truism that if you want to get something done ask a busy person. The members of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth are all busy people, but they have found that by joining together with other members, and with the wider 1.2 member strong Rotary International, they can make significant contributions to the improvement of the wider community of Portsmouth and Northern Dominica.



We hope you will consider joining us.