Several members of  the crew from the R/V Chapman a 137 foot research vessel out of Curacao visited the March 3rd meeting of the Rotary Club of  Portsmouth.



The Director, Adrian “Dutch” Schrier spoke to the club about their mission


while in Dominica.  He described their two fold purpose, first to explore


the deep reefs using their five man Curasub to explore from 200 too 1000


feet down in search of new species.  A dozen research scientists from the


Smithsonian Institute and various Universities will be participating in


these explorations of marine life and changes on the deep reefs of the


southern Caribbean.  Francois van der Hoeven spoke about the second


part of the Chapman’s mission, which is to conduct a marine archeological


expedition exploring the northwestern part of Dominica looking for


anchorage sites and possible archeological discoveries.