On Thursday Nov 17, 2011 the new Rotary Club of Portsmouth held its first regular meeting.
The provisional members of the club accomplished the following:

Constitution    1.  They adopted the standard Rotary constitution
    2.  They officially adopted the club name - Rotary Club of Portsmouth
    3.  They approved by-laws for the Rotary Club of Portsmouth
    4.  They elected officers:
President - Dan Hopkins
Vice President - Susan Kelley
Secretary - Anestine Etienne
Treasurer - Lise van de Kamp
Sergeant at Arms - Rein Krone
At Large Board member - Paul Halpin
    5.  President Dan appointed Hans Schilders chair of Community Image
    6.  They agreed meeting times using New Generations guidelines:
        2 meetings at lunch,
        1 meeting at dinner,
        1 meeting for committees at various times. 
        Regular lunch meetings will begin February 2012 at the Riverside
    7. They raised funds to set up a checking account and savings
All present were very pleased with so much accomplished during this one meeting.